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Primary Care

Primary Care

Having one trusted doctor on your side, one who knows everything about you and  has all of your medical records, is an important part of your healthcare. You don't have to look too far to find a primary care physician (also known as a PCP) in Granada Hills, CA. Dr. Elie Farhadian of Dr. Elie Medical Center is currently accepting new patients. She is one of the leading internal medicine doctors in the area, and is qualified to diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses and diseases.
One of Dr. Farhadian's practices is dealing with Gastrointestinal Disease. Your Gastrointestinal (GI) tract includes multiple organs, tubes and tissues. Since symptoms can be as common as occasional heartburn, or as severe as a bloody bowel movement, it's important to get a thorough diagnosis right away. At Dr. Elie Medical Center in Granada Hills, California, Dr. Farhadian will gather information about all of your symptoms and will diagnose and treat your medical condition. Plus she will instruct you with specific diet and  lifestyle changes towards better health and  can lessen your risk of symptoms  in the future.

Primary Care Q & A

by Elie Farhadian, M.D.

Which type of services does a primary care physician provide?

As your primary physician, Dr. Farhadian is dedicated to not only treating any health conditions you may have, she's also concerned about preventing any future issues. She'll monitor you during routine visits if anything is out of the ordinary by:
  • Providing thorough annual physical exams
  • Ordering blood work
  • Testing your lungs with a spirometry test
  • Giving you vaccinations
  • Screening for cancer
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common internal medicine diseases
  • Monitoring your heart through an EKG
  • Providing referrals, if needed
  • Basic gynecological services, including Pap Smears

Can I just go directly to a specialist?

If your insurance allows you to go directly to a specialist without having to see your primary care physician first, you certainly have right to do so. But there's a chance you might go to the wrong specialist.
For instance, if your chest hurts occasionally, you might think it's your heart, and go a cardiologist. At your cardiology appointment, you might go through many imaging tests with negative results and no solution. In the end , maybe the real issue was that you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). You didn't actually need to see a cardiologist, but you should have gone to a gastroenterologist instead.
By visiting your primary care physician in the first place, you can save time (and possibly money) by getting referred to the right type of specialist. Or, because she is an internal medicine physician, Dr. Farhadian might be able to treat you herself, so you wouldn't even have to go elsewhere.

Are there other reasons to have a primary care physician?

Yes. Seeing your PCP is convenient. Dr. Farhadian and her expert team are dedicated to caring for you from head to toe, and you'll be able to get many of the treatments you need right in her state-of-the -art office. Because Dr. Elie Medical Center is a one-stop shop, all of your medical records are in one place. You won't have to go searching if you need a prior record.
Having a primary care physician also gives you someone to call if you're sick. You'll be able to get in with your doctor, who already knows your health, rather than visiting with a provider who doesn't have access to your medical history. Once you're established as a patient, all you have to do is call anytime you have a medical concern.

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