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Skin tightening

Skin tightening
Skin tightening

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Ideal Candidates

People between the ages 30 to 60 are ideal candidates for laser skin tightening procedures. laser skin tightening can repair loose facial skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines on skin. Patients with extreme skin laxity can consider combining another surgery, such as a face lift, with skin procedure to get rid of excess skin. Laser skin operation is an effective, minimally invasive option for people of all skin types and skin tones.


Laser Skin Tightening vs. Therm-age

Laser skin tightening and Therm-age skin treatments both are popular skin procedures. None of them require incisions. Therefore, patients do not have to deal with bruising, bleeding, or lengthy recovery time. Both methods heat the collagen under the surface of the skin. They cause the collagen to contract, thus tightening facial skin and loose skin on the neck, arms, and body.


Laser skin operation uses a laser to heat the skin. The Therm-age system uses radiofrequency energy to achieve skin tightening. Both methods cause little to no patient discomfort, and results will show immediately after treatment. To get to the target amount of skin operation Some patients may require one Therm-age skin operation, while laser skin procedure patients typically require more than one treatment. With that in mind, laser treatment sessions can last shorter. Patients report dramatic results with both methods.

Cost of Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin operation cost depends on the patient’s desires and requirements such as the size and location of the target spot, and the type of laser used. Skin operation is note-ably cheaper than alternatives, and financing options are available.


How safe is laser skin tightening?

Laser skin operation is a secure and painless path to make the looks of skin spotless .  Other treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing promote the growth of new skin by removing superficial layers of the patient’s skin the patient’s existing skin. laser skin operation does not burn or break the skin.

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